What Is Health Lottery?

The Health Lottery game is a UK online Lottery raising money for local health causes – Help your community every time you play.


The Health Lottery is an independent UK lottery which isn’t run as a national lottery but

Health Lottery gameas a coordinated group of 51 separate society lotteries. Each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and represents a different region of Great Britain. The 51 individual lotteries operate on rotation, meaning that every area in England, Scotland and Wales gets a share of the funds raised.

Health Lottery Wiki

The Health Lottery is a lottery in Great Britain launched in October 2011 where players choose 5 different numbers from 1 through 50; at least 3 numbers must match in order to win a prize.
  • Number of Games: 5
  • Odds of winning jackpot: 1 in 2,118,760
  • First draw: October 2011
  • Highest Jackpot: £100,000
  • Operator: Northern and Shell
  • Shown on: Channel 5; ITV (until 5 November 2011)
  • Regulated By: Gambling Commission
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