Cellfood | Healthy food | Cellfood Reviews

Cellfood | Healthy food | Cellfood Reviews:

Cellfood is the best food which consists of following items in it. It is very healthy food and recommended by FDA.
78 ionic minerals,
34 enzymes,
17 amino acids,
Handsome quality of electrolytes and also dissolved oxygen in it – and makes use of a completely unique water-splitting era. Cellfood review also give us good results.

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cellfood reviews

Cellfood Reviews:

This healthy food Concentrate 1 oz. bottle
INGREDIENTS: Cellfood is a unique proprietary blend of purified water, electrolytes, dissolved oxygen, dissolved hydrogen, 78 major and trace elements (34 from the land and 44 from the ocean), 34 enzymes (4 digestive enzymes and 30 metabolic enzymes), and 17 amino acids. This made it Healthy food enriched with Oxygen.

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Water Splitting Technology:

Through a process of dissociating or splitting water molecules within the body, Cellfood releases both nascent (new) oxygen and hydrogen into the bloodstream, and into every cell in the body. The cascading time release of oxygen and hydrogen typically peaks within 8 to 12 hours, and can then continue for up to several days. The body’s natural intelligence releases the oxygen and hydrogen whenever and wherever they are needed – if no longer needed, no more is released.

Cellfood is called an electromagnetic equation:

Dr. Everett Storey called “Cellfood” an electromagnetic equation. Since the blood and lymph fluid are colloidal and negatively charged (just like this food) the natural synchronicity between CELLFOOD and these vital fluids assures the bio-availability of nutrients within the body.

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This health food is a di-pole, di-base delivery system.
Di-pole means CELL FOOD is effective in any polarity range of the body. Di-base means CELL FOOD is powerful in any pH variety in the body and will tend to normalize the frame’s acid-base balance. even though CELL FOOD is a completely effective method, there is certainly no regarded toxicity associated with it.

CELL FOOD is a powerful antioxidant:

Cellfood does not create free radicals damage. Free radicals are positively charged ions of oxygen. Many bio-chemists believe they are a primary cause of aging and degenerative disease. Since the released nascent oxygen molecules are negatively charged, they seek out and attract to these dangerous free radicals, combining them to form pure stabilized oxygen.

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