6 Ways to lose Your Weight in just 30 day 2018


Hey, I am going to show you how you can lose your weight by easy few steps. Every man especially women wants to lose their weight, but they can not do this because of their few carelessnesses. If they’re going to lose their weight, then they should change their lifestyle a little bit then they will inevitably succeed in their ambition. I suggest the following few tips that make your weight less than original. And you will become a handsome personality in a few days.

1. Write down the table what you eat 1day, 1weak or 1month:

If you are careless about your eating, then you can not lose weight. Write down a table what are you eating in a day, a weak or in a month. You should eat according to your schedule and try to eat less than daily. If you eat according to your table, you can make progress.

2. Every morning exercise is must:

Every morning you should wake up early and must go for a walk on a daily basis. If your weight is going to increase you should go for a walk. It is essential for our muscles and our body. If you walk daily, many critical nutrients come out of your body and your fat must go. You should not drink soda or any other type of thing.

3. After breakfast drink water more:

After the breakfast go ahead, and drink orange or apple juice. But your focus should be on the water. Drink fresh water more than milk. There are many benefits to using water more. If we use water more then urine comes fastly, urine comes with a lot of dangerous materials that are present in our body, and our body becomes clean. Many women say that when they are using more water quantity than usual, it gives them puffy abs, it is false. When we use more water, it cleans our stomach perfectly from various diseases. A lot of dangerous materials that harmful for our body release through urine due to accessive use of water. Water is beneficial for the body if we want to reduce our weight.

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4.Watch television 1 hour less:

The study of 76 undergraduate students founds that they are watching more video, and they ate mostly, but cant loses their weight. Instead of watching tv they should go outside for a walk, and they also take exercise before the television.

5. Avoid high-carb foods:

Avoid high carb foods like fast foods, candy, and cookies because they contain less amount of necessary nutrients and essential materials that useful for our body. Instead of using fast foods we should use natural foods like potatoes, green puffy and other foods.

6. Waite until you feel hunger strictly:

Our stomach is not feeling hunger we eat before a stomach feels hunger perfectly. No one should go shopping when our stomach is empty. When our stomach is empty there creates many diseases, and we can not lose weight.

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