Food Poisoning: Symptoms and Causes

Food Poisoning: Symptoms and Causes

The short definition of Food Poisoning is that the illness caused by toxic, spoiled or contaminated food. There are many symptoms of food poisoning. We will discuss them in details in our post. Food poisoning treatment is needed instantly because it can send you on severe Cholera. Food is necessary for our lives. Health food is good for our body and unhealthy food has many contradictions for our body. Cooked food has fewer chances of toxicity and contamination. Milk, meat, and egg etc mainly become contaminated. Raw food is the most common type of Food Poisoning because raw food is not cooked. So, pathogens attack such food easily and it is the most common cause of food contamination.

food poisoning symptoms
food poisoning symptoms

food poisoning treatment

Food Poisoning symptoms:

Such symptoms can make you understand about your toxic food. Symptoms may start after eating contaminated food. Mostly when we ate food on a journey or working outside, such food has no guaranteed health. Seasonal effect is also a big cause of food contamination. In severe heat, food becomes expired in some hours. Mostly low-level hotels provide unhealthy food. Our stomach is cannot digest everything. Food poisoning can be very injurious to your health and it can also send you into the mouth of death.

food poisoning treatment

When you feel in some of the following symptoms, consult with the doctor to the nearest hospital. Main symptoms of food poisoning caused by toxic food include:

1-Middle to severe Vomiting


3-Infectious Diarrhea

4-Stomach pain or acidity


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6-High temperature

7-Abdominal pain

Causes of Food Poisoning:

Symptoms of Food Poisoning can only be cured by knowing types and causes of toxic food. We work hard, do the job and perform different activities all the day just to eat healthy food and live the life of ease. Food is an important part of our daily life. Almost we use food 3 times in a day. We eat different foods all the day and there may be caused by different pathogens. Small children eat foods and spicy products from school canteen or street sellers. Mostly street sellers never keep in mind health standards.

Pathogens enter in food in the market, in getting to home, in process of transformation, cooking or presenting to the dining table. Always try to use cooked food and boiled with better temperature.

food poisoning treatment

Main causes of Food Poisoning include:

1-Viruses (  E. coliListeriaand Salmonella )



4-Not cooked food

5-Storing food for a long time without Refrigerator

We have given you some short introduction to Food Poisoning and Symptoms of food poisoning. Keep visiting Our Site for more health tips.





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